Terms and conditions

The Corfu Trip 2023 by ESN Thessaloniki*

Terms & Conditions

06/10/2023 – 09/10/2023

By participating in "The Corfu Trip" (hereafter "the trip") organised by ESN Thessaloniki*, I hereby agree that ESN Thessaloniki* does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any damage that a participant of a trip or activity arranged by ESN may cause to either the ESN or any third parties (i.e. travel companies, boats, hostels, hotels etc.). Every entity, including ESN Thessaloniki* has the right to seek reparation for any damage that a participant may cause.

I also understand and accept that neither ESN Thessaloniki*, nor the sponsors, university officials, volunteers or anyone involved or affiliated with the event in any way, can be held responsible for any injuries, death or other damage that may occur to me or my heirs, or related to me people or entities, as a result of my participation in the trip or as a result of either active or passive negligence of any person.

I understand that the trip is not accessible to people with disabilities. For further information please send an email at [email protected].

I understand that the Organizing Committee is not responsible for any lost items during the event.

I understand that the Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend or modify any part of the event content or/and schedule if necessary, at any time.

I shall respect the transport schedule established by the organisers, including departure times and bus assignments. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for my transport and accommodation beyond the official programme, either before or after the announced event dates.


I also agree that I am not entitled to any refund from prepaid activities included in the event fee, once payment has been made.

Furthermore, I take full responsibility if I decide not to travel with or use any pre-booked transportation (bus or ferry). If I fail to attend any prepaid activity or miss any pre-booked transportation, no refund or compensation will be paid by ESN or anyone else. In the event of an accident requiring additional professional care, such as an ambulance or hospital, I must contact my ESN group leaders for further instructions.

The Organizing Committee has the right to expel me if I am causing troubles during the event and if I am not following the given rules.

The Organizing Committee has the right to expel me if get caught using illegal substances.

I confirm that ESN Thessaloniki* has my full consent to store my personal data submitted through the event registration form, to give me access to systems that show my registration process and offer advanced rooming capabilities. ESN Thessaloniki* will NOT share any of my personal data with external sources or use any of the data acquired from the registration form for advertising purposes.

Finally, having been informed of the Privacy Policy of Erasmus Student Network - Greece who is the Data Controller, I hereby grant full rights to ESN Thessaloniki* to use my image in films, videos, photographs and any further elaborated form of the previous as well as my name and my voice, for the purposes of promotion, advertising, training manuals and volunteering in every part of the world in any medium and in any time, without any restrictions.

Although, the Organizing Committee provides you with civil liability insurance, remember, you are responsible for your actions!

All formalities aside and most importantly…  ENJOY The Corfu Trip!!

*ESN Thessaloniki consists of the ERASMUS Students Association - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (ESN AUTH), the ERASMUS Students Association - University of Macedonia (ESN UoM Thessaloniki), the ERASMUS Students Association - International Hellenic University (ESN IHU).

The event will be photo and video recorded. When attending this event Ι agree on the collection and on the processing of my personal data and on the publication of the photos and video recordings. The event publication of the recordings will be on a publicly available website. The consent to the processing of Data may be revoked by sending an email at the DPO of ESN Greece ([email protected]).